Best practises in protecting a prison

Best practises in protecting a prison

Prisons & Correctional facilities require highly efficient and exceptionally performing perimeter protection and alarm systems, capable of identifying and reporting any attempts of escape or intrusion. In many prison escape reports, the break out methods are always extremely simple, almost movie-like, such as knotting sheets to climb over a wall or fence or the classic cutting of bars. To help security personnel keep any attempt at invasion or escape under control, anti-climb and anti-crawl digital fuzzy logic Microwave systems can ensure the potential escapee is monitored and captured

The requirement

The need is to protect the perimeter from the inside-out to prevent both escapes and intrusions. Detection technologies must communicate with existing monitoring systems on the same platform for the ideal coordination of surveillance.

The challenge

.Sensitive facilities like these need highly reliable systems with the lowest possible rate of false alarms. Perimeter security systems need to be designed for an exceptionally high level of perimeter protection with intelligent sensitivity to detect all unauthorized movement inside the facility and outside.

The solution

As a major player in the market of outdoor perimeter protection since 1974, CIAS is protecting hundreds of prisons worldwide in the USA, Latin America, the UK and Europe (Benelux, Czech Rep., Bulgaria, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Poland).

Our experience tells us the most suitable solutions for critical infrastructure sites are digital fuzzy logic microwave barriers and radar, that can discriminate between human intrusion and environmental disturbances. Intrusion detection systems with MEMS technology, will detect climbing events on all types of fences and walls. All solutions are IP & PoE ready to operate and integrate seamlessly with all major VMS and access control platforms



MURENA Plus radar

a pure microwave sensor able to set the area and the dimension of the target to detect

SIOUX PRO2 MEMS fence-detection
system is used for any type of fence (or wall), and typically serves as the first layer external protection

MICRO-RAY linear mW barrier

when the area to protect is very narrow, like a corridor, and very sensitive to weather conditions

ERMO 482X3 PRO mW barrier

is the perfect intrusion system to protect high-risk sites thanks to a near-to-zero false alarm rate