Fuzzy Logic improve reliability of your security system

Sometimes reality may appear to be black or white.
But the truth is full of nuances....


Since the 80s in the CIAS labs we have promoted Fuzzy Logic as a paradigma of analysis for our devices,
to provide reliable and safe protection to those who use them.


The concept of Fuzzy Logic may not be immediately understood, even though it is commonly present in everyday activities. Just as the human eye can distinguish different shades of grey between black and white, so Fuzzy Logic can evaluate the intermediate degrees of a signal, unlike Binary logic which refers only to two parameters: on either side of the threshold, white or black.

This approach applied to perimeter protection is radically more advanced than that of traditional sensors, which use fixed thresholds for sensitivity and integration time - or time it takes for the intruder to cross the invisible wall created by the microwave technology.

For every single situation, a Fuzzy Logic device compares the intrusion signal received from the detector with as many as 256 behavior patterns and, from this algorithmic classification, is able to assign the appropriate integration time based on historical data.

The possibility of error in the detection is drastically reduced, because the reading of reality is more accurate and closer to that of a human eye.

And since evolution never stops, nowadays we have combined Fuzzy Logic with video analysis based on deep learning with SYNAPSES, a self-adaptive multi-sensor system that improves the performance of the entire perimeter system.

That's why our Fuzzy Logic devices can significantly increase the satisfaction of your security needs!

For any further info please contact: extreme@cias.it.