How to minimize the risk of Runway & Taxiway Incursions?

The new ERMO482X3PRO-AIR is a real lifesaving system
to prevent the risk of collision between aircraft

In airports, the correct management of the access routes to the main runways, with automation of the Lead-On lights after a GO command to a Stop-Bar, is essential to prevent unwanted collisions and save precious lives, especially when the weather conditions are critical, decreasing drastically the visibility from the control tower.

Prevention of collisions between aircraft
in transit on the same taxiway

Prevention of collision between aircraft
in the proximity of two converging runways

Starting from our experience in the field of ground air traffic control support, we have developed a special version of the well-known K-band fuzzy logic microwave barrier. The new ERMO482X3PRO-AIR has been renewed both in its signal analysis and in the hardware and made even more immune to Radio Frequency Interference normally present in airport environments.

The use of these "Made in Milan" barriers is a concrete support to ground systems to increase
active safety on runways, as many Italian and international airports have already done.


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