SYNAPSES AI: a”Magic Box”for every perimeter system

SYNAPSES AI: a "Magic Box" that increases
the performance of every perimeter system

The market's need to integrate video systems with perimeter security devices was the inspiration
for the development of SYNAPSES: the innovative "super-sensor" which, thanks to the on-board AI,
is able to harmonize the functionality of the entire intrusion-detection solution for the external perimeter.


How does it work?

The key is the ability to perform and transmit intelligent field analysis by developing artificial neural connectivity based on Deep Learning. This ability to self-train the system at increasingly deeper levels, i.e. not limited to the evolution of those who develop them, is what enhances intrusion detection by lowering the rate of improper alarms.

What are the steps?

Individual Cameras SEE up to 8 areas in their Field of View
2. Within the video stream, Synapses DISTINGUISHES classes of elements that can generate alarms
3. The Sensors accurately DETECT the intruder, having dynamically adapted their sensitivity thresholds based on the information received.

The intelligent interaction between video areas and sensors reduces the N.A.R. (Nuisance Alarm Rate) and increases the P.O.D. (Probability Of Detection) like never before.

An innovative solution

Equipped with some of the best technical features on the market, with input and output video channels supported by RTPS protocol - full Hd, the Synapses super sensor marks an important evolution for its ability to reduce the signal to simplified parameters but returning its interpretation in terms of complex reality.

The multi-level advantages

- an increase in the intelligence of the entire system
- maximization of intrusion-detection performance
- the possibility of enhancing any pre-existing system