the new Apache Pipeline, long range fiber optic system

Looking for a long-distance system to protect pipelines?


Don't miss the new Apache Pipeline long range fiber optic system, made for supervision and protection of vast pipeline networks. This system with A.I. algorithms can detect third party's intrusions like digging or excavations, ground movement and structural variations, as well as leaks in pipelines to prevent big damages and dangerous loss of liquid or gas.

It's available in two Models:

- Single channel - with ranges of 10 or 50km

- Dual Channel - with ranges of 5, 30 or 50km

Which are the Technologies that make it so reliable?
       DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensing): a technology which detects acoustic signals distributed in many points of a continuous structure.
      OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometry): a device that searches for interruption points in signal transmission by measuring the characteristics of the  system