Saint Tropez: Protection Of A Hollywood VIP

Elmar and Cias protect a VIP villa on the hills
of Saint Tropez with 

Sioux Pro2 fence-detection technology

No paparazzi please! We cannot tell who's the Vip, but we can tell you the story
of how we protected his fabulous villa....

An important summer residence on the hills of Saint Tropez, surrounded by a park within a large perimeter: this is the beginning of the story. The owner, a well-known VIP of great charm, decides to take shelter from intrusions and turns to the trusted security professional Elmar, an Italian company that has been operating for over 20 years in the security systems and building automation sector, with specific skills in customized design, IMQ registered for the approval of systems up to the third level, and ISO 9001 and SOA certified as evidence of the commitment and results achieved to date.

Rising To The Challenge

To keep up with the prestigious task, the latest innovation in the field of safety for the detection of climbing over and cutting of fences built by CIAS is proposed: SIOUX MEMS PRO2. This 100% "Made in Milan" technology, which has received important international awards from industry experts, is reliable, stable, and capable of detecting any intrusion attempt at the extremes of the 4km perimeter, reducing improper alarms to a minimum rate.

The Realization Of The Plant And The Success Factors

The path that winds along the perimeter of the villa is full of obstacles for standard perimeter systems, such as vegetation and wild animals, therefore the placement of the equipment has been calculated according to the area to be protected.
A series of MEMS sensors have been installed every 5m, to guarantee a grade 3 product-safety level according to EN-50131. The aesthetic aspect was another fundamental factor in the choice, as the line of sensors had to have little impact on the environment rich in vegetation. To obtain a "camouflage" effect, all the sensors have been painted a dark green that matches the color of the fence.

Later on, 3 analysis Control Units connected in IP via PoE switches were distributed along the perimeter. A particular redundancy circuit on IP makes it possible to guarantee the operation of the system even in the event of 2 separate cuts on each sensor branch, a rare feature to be found in similar systems and which gives enhanced security.

The Possibility Of An Integrated Full Ip Perimeter Protection


All alarm programming and management takes place via a PSIM directly integrated as a protocol which, via the IB-SYSTEM IP, a CIAS proprietary software, allows compliance with the highest Cyber Security standards from MAC Filtering to AES128 encryption and the new IEEE802.1X.
To complete the protection, a series of IP cameras with video analysis has been integrated, every 40m along the entire perimeter.
The simplicity of construction, speed of installation, and programming were the final ingredients that signed the delivery of a highly satisfying system, practically worthy of an Oscar!