Apache Long Range, the 50Km+50Km DAS fiber optic system

Do you need to protect extended Critical Infrastructures?

APACHE LONG RANGE, a perimeter detection system that can manage up to 50Km+50Km with a single single-mode optical fibre, is characterized by DAS (Distributed Acoustic Detection) technology, capable of detecting acoustic signals distributed over large distances - making it ideal for the surveillance of perimeters, pipelines and data networks.
With AI analysis algorithms, the system allows you to analyze the signals coming from the optical fiber and identify the type of attack with a precision of 10m.

Find application in many vertical markets

The combination of advanced technologies and precision features makes this system extremely effective in ensuring the security and integrity of monitored infrastructures, ideal for protecting strategic assets.

Data and Telecom Networks

Photovoltaic Fields

Oil & Gas


NPP Apache LR

Critical Infrastructures

apache LR concertina 980pxl



>Detection accuracy
Coverage up to 50km + 50km with a single controller and an accuracy of 10 meters, allowing you to identify intrusion attempts such as cutting or climbing fences.
The system allows you to manage 2 overlapping fiber rings which guarantee redundant operation
> Advanced AI
Acoustic classification of detected events (walking, excavation, vehicles) for a rapid and targeted response
> High Reliability
Immunity to electromagnetic interference and high sensitivity
> Easy integration
Compatible with major security, CCTV and VMS systems, providing a unified interface for real-time site monitoring