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CIAS - your  reference point in the security market

Since 1974 Protection of Critical Infrastructure & Assets for over 40 years!


Proven Performance & Reliability

Innovative technology


CIAS has been operating in the security market since 1974, in the field of research, development and manufacturing of security equipment and perimeter protection systems.

Renowned for its microwave technology and 3D MEMS fence detection systems over IP, CIAS has its US headquarter based in Miami, Florida.

CIAS products are currently used to protect the perimeter of critical infrasrtrucure (i.e.  nuclear power plants, high-security prisons, military and civil airports, banks, etc....)

For over 40 years of activity, CIAS has become a cornerstone in the security market, distinguishing itself by the continuous technological innovation for the perimeter protection.


Microwave barriers

A microwave barrier is a standout amongst the most dependable and safe intrusion detectors utilized for outdoor perimeter protection.

Fence Detection

Full range fence protection with different technology:
MEMS with point identification and magnetofonic
cable or fibre optic with zone identification

Video Survelliance & Cias

The CIAS-Supervisor is the  answer for basic and proficient systems over IP that permits the combination of internal and external video surveillance systems


Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection is an essential resource for industrial, business, public or private establishments. The security market offers today a total scope of solid and smart perimeter protection systems...


Data collection system

IB-SYSTEM IP is the enlightened integration server from the CIAS labs for the entire administration of up to 1280 distinct sensors (smart fencing, barrier management & Doppler sensors)


Meet MICRO-RAY and its stellar performances…

MICRO-RAY: a game-changer in the PIDS industry!

Winner of DETEKTOR AWARD BEST PRODUCTS 2019 and finalist at GIT SECURITY AWARD 2021, the first barrier ever using microwave technology in a ®evolutionary way will be AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN THE USA WITHIN 2020

Its microwave lobe is typically volumetric, like a traditional barrier, but alarm is given by interruption of a linear microwave ray, like an infrared barrier.

Like never before, effectiveness of microwave in detection is innovatively coupled with minimal requirement for installation spaces, with a result of outstanding reliability & adaptiveness.



CIAS Security: Webinar at IPVM show on July, 21

at 11.30 a.m. EST



Our expert Nicolas Jdanoff will present CIAS #PIDS dedicated to #CriticalInfrastructures, introducing you to the following topics:

FUZZY LOGIC ALGORITHMS The difference-maker signal analysis for intelligent barriers
ERMO 482 XPRO 3.0 The 3rd generation of our top-notch fuzzy logic digital MW barriers.
MURENA PLUS The monostatic outdoors doppler radar series
SIOUX MEMS PRO2 Upgraded and extended fence-detection system with MEMS inside
MICRO-RAY The (R)evolutionary barrier with linear microwave rays
FULL IP INTEGRATION with third-party platforms

Please note that this event is reserved to IPVM’s members only

In order to join IPVM




This new integration allows for better intertwined perimeter security systems and seamless alarm management.  The add-on relies on manufacturers’ efficient detection algorithms and merge monitoring across multiple technologies, such as mw barriers and radars, and accelerometers-based fence-detection system solutions for high security.


The IB-System IP integration with the Security Center RSA module offers Genetec customers the possibility to benefit from all the features available in our data-collection software to provide enhanced perimeter protection monitoring on the graphical user interface.

With the 3.5 release of

CIAS webinars: focus on Sioux Pro2 and Murena



Join our next webinar to learn more about CIAS’ #perimeterprotection products, adopted on some of the most critical infrastructures around the world.

Next session is scheduled on June 25th at 9am (Pacific time).

The webinar will cover:

Sioux Pro2 : our MEMS-based Fence-Mounted detection with 1 meter pinpoint location.
Murena Plus radar : our State-of-the-art outdoor Monostatic microwave sensor with range cutoff

Interactive Q&A on our whole product portfolio and range of applications


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