Sioux Pro2 for a famous luxury-brand factory in France

Tailor-made protection with Sioux Pro2 for a famous luxury-brand factory in France

The requirement

Paris - Summer 2021: a famous luxury brand factory was being built next to the existing one. This mega-project required a complete revamp of the existing security systems starting with the perimeter.

The challenge

A new fence detection system was specified to protect the factory's perimeter as the first line of defence on the site: 2.5mt (8 ft.) high/1.300mt (0.8 mile) long. After construction began, the integrator NOVADIS was advised that the old fence line would remain around the perimeter of the existing factory (still operational) until the new fence is ready. Additionally, the architect chose a different fence fabric (rigid bar) at the last minute, for the street facing side of the factory. This would be a complex application for many fence-detection systems with standard features and average performance.

The solution

The "Pret-A-Porter" (Rapidly deployable) solution is branded CIAS! Thanks to the CIAS's high performance fence detection system SIOUX PRO2 with MEMS sensors, CIAS was able to maintain the original design and provide a tailor-made solution which adapted to the different fence fabrics on site. The Pret-A-Porter delivers a superior level of detection with the lowest false alarm rates possible. Fuzzy logic algorithms allow for customized sensitivity levels, and adjustments up to the individual sensor if required, with 1mt (3 ft) pin-point accuracy to detect cutting and climbing attempts, and tampering of the system. To complete the high-security performance solution, SIOUX PRO2 offers a redundancy function for cable-cut immunity, a unique feature among alternative systems on the market today. be continued...

The future plan for the site is to replace the existing (former) factory with a solar farm, and to replace the rigid bar fence with a new fence. Unlike fiber optic or microphonic-based intrusion detection systems, the advantage of CIAS's Sioux fence system is its ability to be repositioned without damaging the sensors or the cable. Expansion simply requires the addition of the required control units and relevant kits.